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Crimes, Felonies, Drug Possession, DWI

A Strong Defense is the Best Defense

You need the best defense when arrested and facing jail time or years being monitored on probation. The court process can be complex and confusing.  With 35 years of courtroom experience I can ensure the most rigorous defense for the best possible result.

Understanding Criminal Charges in New York State

Crimes in New York State are classified as felonies, misdemeanors, and violations. Each of these categories contain various levels or "classes" of crimes. Misdemeanors have only class A or class B. Felonies involved class A through class E.  

Violations are not crimes. For example, murder is a class A felony but a disorderly conduct violation does not meet the definition of a crime. These are described as offences. They are more akin to the seriousness level of a moving violation. MOST OFTEN THE CONVICTION TO A VIOLATION HAS NO AFFECT ON WORK PROSPECTS, STATE LICENING, AND PROFESSIONAL JOBS. If you can avoid getting a "criminal" record, then the attorney will seek dismissal or a violation as the ultimate result of a charge.

Sealing a Criminal Record

If you have a felony or misdemeanor conviction, Mr. Weidman could have the records sealed and the records purged from court files and government sources.


Understanding the Process of Going to Court

The court process can be complex, confusing, even frightening. The District Attorney's office is staffed with professional prosecutors who work hard to obtain convictions. Only a qualified and experienced attorney can consider the charges and all the facts to plan a strong defense. You need the best defense when arrested and facing jail time or years of probation. With 35 years of courtroom experience I can ensure the most rigorous defense for the best possible result.

Do Not Speak to Anyone or Sign Anything! 

* Even if you have not yet been arrested and charged, do NOT speak to the police. If they ask for information or make promises for your cooperation, tell them "I want my lawyer" and they MUST stop. However, you cannot refuse to identify yourself if stopped.

* Do NOT speak to neighbors, friends, coworkers, or anyone pressing charges against you.


Remember, whatever you say or sign can be used in court against you!

Our Federal and New York State Constitutions provide these rights

* You need NOT talk to anyone. Not the police. Not the district attorney. Talk only to your lawyer.

* You have a right to a lawyer

* You have a right to a speedy trial

* You must have a fair trial


A qualified attorney will take all the facts into consideration for your defense including a demand for lab reports measuring and testing the exact chemical in question. The chemical and quantity must be clearly proven or charges can be reduced or even dismissed. Many factors are considered by the courts and it's my job to ensure all the facts are presented for the best possible result.


All it takes is a couple of drinks over too short a time. DWI can result in revocation or suspension of your license. You could lose your car. In some cases you could lose your job. Living without a license can affect every aspect of your life. The consequences of a DWI conviction can be very severe. 

You may be changed with DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired). This is not considered a crime in NYS but can still have serious consequences.

A good legal defense can minimize the impact to your life 

* I will fight to have the charges reduced to a violation 

* I will fight for a temporary license so you can work

* I will fight to have additional charges dismissed

* I will fight to insure you don't have to reveal your DWI on job applications


Gather up all the paperwork related to your charges and contact Keith Weidman to schedule an appointment

Let my 35 years of experience put your mind at ease.

Keith Weidman, Esq.

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