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Education Law and Special Ed

Few people know, and school districts never tell you, that if the Special Ed Committee does not grant needed services like special tutoring, quiet rooms, additional testing time, speech therapy, or any part of a good education as mandated by law, THE SCHOOL DISTRICT CAN BE FORCED TO PROVIDE THESE SERVICES AND TO PAY YOUR ATTORNEY FEES.

You have the right to representation at Special Ed meetings and I can assure you the best possible result as mandated by law. Gather any and all letters, assessments, and meeting notes from the school as well as any documents you may have from medical and mental health professionals. Let's discuss how to move forward.

If your child has been suspended, I can protect your rights at a hearing and advocate to reduce or dismiss  suspension or other punishment imposed by the school.


Gather up all the paperwork and contact Keith Weidman to schedule an appointment

Let my 35 years of experience help you and your child at this difficult time

Keith Weidman, Esq.

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